Barder Rod Co Tonkin bamboo case for floats up to 7½”

Exceptionally rare, c1996 in mint condition.


This very rare float case is only the second one we’ve been able to offer so far. I know how much my colleague Colin’s floats are treasured by their fortunate owners and someone is going to be very happy to have a case that he played a large part in making to store his floats in.

We made these cases from about 1995 to 1998 and we think perhaps a couple of dozen were produced. Our design made use of the natural diaphragm or dam in the bamboo for the tube’s bottom end, and the velvety pith of the bamboo’s inner surface is perfect for the protection of a float’s finish.

The bamboo was oven-baked and then flamed to a rich colour. The brass band at the mouth of the case is sheet brass cut to size, silver-soldered and shrunk on over the bamboo. The lid is turned American cherry with a cork stopper finished off with a green baize disc. The case in inscribed in black Indian ink: Tonkin case for floats up to 7½”E. Barder rod co~makers.

The bamboo and cherry wood lid have a flawless yacht varnish finish.