Chris Lythe 1915 Avon 4” x 1⅛” centre pin reel № 105

Number 105 of this exceptional reel in unused condition.


This is the second half of a pair -we sold № 104 recently. It’s the model we have handled most of. It’s fair to say that this is the epitome of Chris Lythe’s interpretation of the classic 4″ wide drum 12 spoke reel. It’s a later example and  it has the foot boss as an integral part of the reel’s back. Like reel 104, it’s anodised in a very attractive shade of slate grey that really sets off the handles, nickel silver, brass and phosphor bronze.

On his excellent website, master reel maker Chris Lythe says this is the favourite reel in his collection. This is a superb example of Chris Lythe’s work in a thoroughly tried and tested format. If you had to restrict yourself to one classic centre pin, this would be a sound choice.

The spool has 12 spokes –six front and six at the rear, with a front rim ventilated with eight large holes. The V-check is controlled via a button on the back plate. All parts are nickel silver and brass. The spool and back plate are anodised. Handles are faux horn.