Chris Lythe Float Master SU 4¼” x 1⅛” centre pin.

Made in 2018 in mint condition, this is reel № 86.


This reel is mint. Has it been used? Apparently not. It really should be! By you, if I may be permitted to suggest, Sir.

It’s wide but not too wide. The diameter is a little larger than the more common 4″ but the reel isn’t a clumsy engine. Far from it, with its well-ventilated spool, handsome looks and Rolex-like specification and build quality.

All Chris Lythe reels are so well conceived and so precisely, expertly made that they speak for themselves. Still, you wouldn’t expect me to leave it that, surely?

Well, apart from suggesting that you study the accompanying illustrations and enjoy the reel, as Chris Lythe suggests by spinning it while watching the telly through its spool, no.

Of course, to experience the illicit thrill of viewing Love Island through the spokes of this reel as it spins at a steady 250 rpm, you’ll need to buy it.