Chris Lythe Spitfire 4″ x ¾” centre pin reel № 17.

From a sold out limited edition of 100, this unused reel is available now for the original price.


This stunning reel is The Master, Chris Lythe’s homage to the 1939 Allcock Aerial Match.

Every key feature of the Allcock original has been included. I bow to no one in my passion for the Allcock Aerial but I gladly acknowledge that Chris Lythe has refined the original whilst retaining its design and character.

Chris limited his Spitfire to 100 reels and he has sold out, so this example, reel № 17, in unused condition, gives you the chance to obtain one for the original price. No, not the price of an Aerial Match in 1939 for heaven’s sake!

Anyway, now that I’ve calmed down, let me tell you about the reel.

The polished aluminium spool has six spokes at the front and a solid back plate. The reel’s back has been machined so that the foot bracket and Bickerdyke Pattern line guard lugs are integral. The back and ¼ line guard are anodised black.

The v-spring check is operated via a brass button on the back plate and the handles are tapered and profiled along the lines of the 1939 original.

The reel is built for left hand wind and you can remove the line guard if you are right handed or fancy attempting the masochistic but worthwhile Wallis cast.

Not even ‘run in’ yet, this reel is exquisitely well made. The attention to detail is faultless and everything works perfectly. This is the way with Chris Lythe

Rare, beautiful, functional and almost charitably well priced. I strongly recommend this reel to you.