Chris Lythe The Roach 4″ x 7/8″ centrepin reel.

Made in 2021. In 100% mint condition. Reel number 14.


Chris Lythe has designed and makes ten different models of reel and ALL of them are fantastic. How does he do this? I don’t know, but it’s extremely clever and if you asked me which one you should have, I’d have to say, perhaps rather unhelpfully, that one of each would, or any of them. They’re all so good.

Here’s the Roach model. It’s a delectably light, a variant of the Scotton Long Trotter, with lovely faux bone tapered handles that stray line will slip off and your fingers will find comfy. Ten ventilation holes front and rear, satin black anodising to set off the contrasting colours of bone, phosphor bronze, nickel sliver and brass. God, this reel is as sweet as a nut. It surely will manage your roach fishing  tackle with Swiss precision, but it’s so well made that you could use it for just about anything that a centrepin is fit for, except the really hefty stuff.

What I’m saying is that if you lose your nerve and don’t insist on owning the entire range of Chris Lythe reels, this one would be fine. For starters.

These are the best Aerial-type centrepins ever made. Considering the time that goes into their design and construction, the quality of materials used, they’re a bargain.