Colin Whitehouse Angler’s Catapult c1998.

In superb as-new condition. Ultra rare.


Only the second one of these absolutely practical and aesthetically satisfying catapults to come onto the market, as far as we’re aware.

I have one of these (Colin left his in his swim one day and when he returned twenty minutes later it had been ‘re-homed’ without his permission). I use mine all the time, sometimes for pelting my irritating friend Simon with conkers or massive boilies, but mostly for my fishing. My friends know of my fondness for baiting up with ‘special stuff’ and I wouldn’t dream of doing so with any other device. I’ve tried many other catapults and they had one excellent quality in common –they were cheap. They didn’t work very well though and they disintegrated. The Colin Whitehouse catapult is to baiting up what a Patek Philippe is to elegant punctuality.

Very few were made. They were not easy to make. Nothing this good ever is. Colin made some as private commissions and a few others were sold from our workshop at Ham Mill.

The fork is made from English Elm. Colin cut down the Elm tree (he used to be a tree surgeon), seasoned its timber and shaped it by steaming. A split cane spigot reinforces its superbly executed joint to its handle.

The handle is mahogany. Please take time to admire the transition from round to flat section. This is seriously fine and highly skilled workmanship.

The elastics are secured via swivels and split rings. Hand-cut leather discs protect the Elm fork. The pouch has a neat leather thong.

The catapult is inscribed in Indian ink ‘C. Whitehouse Maker 1998’

It has an impeccable varnish finish.