A set of 5 Colin Whitehouse Floats.

A set of five unique floats made from 1993 to 2002 by Colin Whitehouse for his late father Derek Whitehouse.


This set spans Colin’s float making career from start to finish. He pioneered the current artisan float making movement.

During their decade of production, his were the only low volume professionally made floats that were intended for use. Colin had a well equipped home workshop where he designed and tank tested the floats. His enduring models were all extensively tested in use. At the time, Colin fished every Saturday, without fail, and when time allowed, during the week, always using his own floats.

Out of production for seventeen years, these are highly desirable and sought-after floats. They will be supplied with a dated letter of provenance signed by Colin Whitehouse.

A red topped Turkey quill, whipped with beige silk thread, inscribed in Indian ink- Hand made by C. D. Whitehouse for D. Whitehouse. 1993

A Reg Righyni wire stemmed grayling float, made to the exact pattern of the original float, given by Righyni to his Friend Bernard Venables, who loaned the float to Colin. Bernard was a close friend of Colin’s and used his floats a great deal, including these Righyni models and when his eyesight was failing, some special extra large Avon floats with extra sight bobs.
Inscribed in Indian ink- Hand made by C. Whitehouse 1994.

A loaded balsa bodied waggler-style pike float with a banded stem and high visibility sighter, made to Colin’s father’s specification for pike fishing.
Inscribed in Indian ink- C. Whitehouse. Maker 1994.

A wire stemmed Righyni-style trotting float with a 2 BB+ shot capacity. Very pretty float this.
Inscribed in Indian ink- C. Whitehouse. Maker. 1996. +2BB.

A cane stemmed balsa bodied trotting float with a yellow top and spiral silk whipping to the stem, stained a nice mahogany brown. I’ve been using this pattern in a variety of sizes for twenty years and they are the best trotting floats I’ve ever had for bread and worm fishing. Even better than the Dave Harrell carbon stemmed 5AAA Bolo that I now use because I can’t cope with losing any more of Colin’s originals!
Inscribed in white Indian ink- Colin Whitehouse. Maker 2002. 3AAA.

Price for the set of 5: £150