Colin Whitehouse hand made floats.

A set of eleven floats made in 1999.


These superlative floats were made by Colin Whitehouse in 1999 for the late John Mason who was a very close friend of Fred J Taylor’s. John ran the fishing at Wotton Underwood (the world’s most famous tench fishery) for many years.

The set comprises:

Three champagne cork (corks supplied by my thirsty parents!) bamboo stemmed Avon floats with 4AAA & 5AAA shot capacities.

Three balsa bamboo stemmed Avon floats with 4AAA & 2AAA shot capacities.

Three goose quills with shot capacities of 3AAA, 2AAA and 3BB.

Two flame toned Norfolk reed wagglers with shot capacities of 5AAA and 2BB.