An Edward Barder 12′ 3-piece Traditional Avon rod c1992.

Whole cane butt, split cane middle & tip. Close whipped throughout. A superb rod in exceptional condition, showing little signs of use.


Please note, despite their pinkish appearance in the accompanying photographs, this rod is whipped in Burgundy red silk throughout. The whippings are a lovely traditional colour!

Made to special order at my original North End workshop and completed in the summer of 1992, this is a unique Avocet-srength rod with the most wonderful specification and classic styling.

At 12′ long this rod is superb for its intended purpose, namely float fishing for tench (it’s probably the best cane rod you’ll ever find for this), laying on for barbel, chub and perch, and traditional ledgering in still and running water.

The action is progressive, with a strong but pliant tip, a limber, very slightly hollow-built middle and a gorgeous whole cane butt that has the almost indefinable resilient spring that no other material can quite duplicate.

I’d use it for tench absolutely anywhere -it’s got the power and reach- chub, perch and barbel fishing. Rather like a good Avocet really, but with a very useful extra nine inches in length, outstanding build quality and a flawless finish.

I’ve still got the original notes on this rod along with workshop photos of it taken just after its completion. I can provide copies.


12′ 3-piece. Hand-made split cane tip, hollow-built split cane middle and whole Tonkin cane butt.

24″ long (.925″diameter) cork handle with an onion shaped top, finely knurled Barder Rod Co alloy sliding bands, tapered butt cap and Red Rubber button!

The ferrules between butt and middle are Beatson’s of Sheffield blued & lacquered splint end suction type. The middle-to-tip ferrules are Hardy pattern splint end suction type, also blued & lacquered. They retain their original snug fit. The very attractive traditionally shaped hand-turned hardwood and cork stoppers are in place.

The rings are the best ever hard chrome plated Sapphrite Laurels Europa stand-offs, with Amberfin butt and tip rings. There is a keeper ring whipped in above the handle.

Silks are burgundy Perrivale Imperial shade 375 with Pearsall’s Gossamer shade 11A close spaced intermediates. All whippings are varnish impregnated and transparent. The rod overall has a flawless yacht varnish finish.

The Indian ink inscription above the handle is in three stages, starting with- 12′ Traditional then- Avon – then in tiny script that only the eyes of my then twenty six year old self could have managed- Hand-made by Edward Barder. 1992.

The rod comes in its original tailor made bag which has tradition ties and a pocket in the flap for the stoppers. This bag was made by my friend Caroline Jones (on a hand-wound vintage Singer) using material acquired from Constable  of Bromley.