Fibreglass 7’ #3-weight 3-piece fly rod.

Custom built by the Edward Barder Rod Co. New & available ex-stock.


Fibreglass is back. Apart from split bamboo, no material is as well suited for making classic small stream ‘brook’ rods. The latest generation of S-Glass blanks enables us to build fast, accurate rods that are light, slim and very tough. Let’s face it, there are places where you might not want to risk your fine bamboo rod. Small bushy streams with tough wading over slippery boulders come to mind.

As well as their accuracy and durability, today’s best glass blanks won’t lock up under strain. This is a unique feature of tubular fibreglass which makes a big difference in tight spots when you can’t give the fish an inch.

The sweet spot for glass, as far as we’re concerned, is in the 6’6″ to 7’6″ spectrum, for line weights #2, #3 & #4. Longer than this and we feel that split bamboo takes over as the optimum material up to 8’6″. Thereafter, carbon fibre comes into its own.

The equipment and skills we’ve developed over three decades of fine split bamboo rod building are applied to our custom built glass and carbon rods. We insist on just the same fastidious attention to detail when we build a 7′ #3-weight glass rod as we do during the creation of an 8′ #4-weight bamboo rod. We use our own reel seats and spacers, olive wood joint stoppers, hand dressed guides, clear silk whippings, tailor made bags and the best aluminium cases available to humanity.

These are superb rods worthy of your serious consideration.


Blanks are either a light amber or medium olive.

Guides are black nickle coated hard chrome plated with matching tip guide & agate lined nickle silver butt ring.

Whippings are transparent varnish impregnated Pearsall’s Gossamer silk with ultra fine tippings.

Handles are classic hand turned Flor grade with an olive wood and blued nickel silver cap & band reel seat.

The joints are fitted with hand turned olive wood stoppers.

A bag with a tip protector is tailor made for each rod. The package is completed with our superb aluminium rod case.