Hardy 11′ 3-piece № 1 Wallis Avon rod.

Whole cane butt, split cane middle & tip c1950s. In exceptional condition.


Classic, elegant and rare, the Hardy Wallis Avon is the perfect rod for four pound line & a centrepin reel. This rod is beautifully balanced and comfortable for a day’s trotting. Roach, grayling, perch, chub, dace, a surprise 14 lb 6 oz barbel from the Railway Pool on the Hampshire Avon’s Royalty Fishery -all within the scope of the ‘Wallis Avon’ (FWK Wallis caught his 14 lb 6 oz record barbel here on exactly this sort of rod!)

The F. W. K. Wallis Avon was listed in Jim Hardy’s book about his family firm as in production from 1933 – 1957. I have seen several examples made after this date, in lengths of 11′, 11’6″ and 12′. They are invariably very pleasing rods. This one is especially fine. It’s vintage is early 1950’s, although the G-prefixed number does not enable one to date the rod, unlike the letter prefixed numbers applied to rods made entirely from split cane. The № 1 Wallis Avon (there were also grades 2 & 3) is the most highly finished and refined, having nickel silver ferrules etc.

The split cane tip and middle are dead straight and steely, the whole cane butt gives the rod that unique feel and spring that only whole Tonkin bamboo can. As you can see from the picture of the rod’s fighting curve, it has a very smooth action with plenty of backbone.

As Hardy’s were primarily manufacturers of game fishing tackle, their best coarse fishing (Bottom Fishing according to my 1936 catalogue) rods are scarce. If you feel like treating yourself to just one classic Avon-style rod with impeccable quality and breeding, this one would be worthy of your valuable consideration.


11′ in 3 sections: whole Tonkin cane butt, ‘Palakona’ split cane middle & tip.

Nickel silver ferrules, blued & lacquered with hardwood and cork stoppers.

22″ cork handle with bronzed brass butt cap, sliding reel bands and conical shoulder collar. A genuine Hardy red rubber button is fitted to the butt cap.

Hardy opaque agate-lined nickel silver butt and tip rings, with Hardy chrome plated steel full open bridge rings.

The rod is whipped throughout with correct apple green silk.

The Indian ink inscription above the handle is as follows: The No 1 “Avon” Rod.

The rod is flawlessly finished with marine grade varnish and comes in its original Hardy tailored bag.

When this rod came to us, its original silks and varnish had dried out -not surprisingly as the rod was made in the early 1950s, but apart from that it was in wonderful condition and didn’t require straightening. We believe, perhaps rather pompously, that our restoration work is second to none. We don’t waste precious time and materials on rods that aren’t exceptional. Our experience of classic rods (I’ve been in the trade for thirty five years, man and boy) manufacturing insights and stocks of correct materials ensures that the occasional classic rods we offer ex stock are sine qua non!

We have re-finished it using the correct apple green silks and traditional marine grade varnish. The Hardy bronzed and lacquered brass handle fittings, Hardy nickel silver ferrules, Hardy acorn shaped stoppers, Hardy red rubber button, Hardy agate lined nickel silver butt & tip rings, Hardy full-open bridge rings and Hardy bag are all original to the rod.