LAW Fly Tying Vice made by Lawrence Waldron.

The best fly tying vice ever made. In exceptional condition, with travel case, pedestal base, table clamp, stem extension, Allen key, material clip & bobbin cradle.


Lawrence Waldron’s masterpiece is widely regarded as the best vice ever made, flawless in construction and design. Production ceased some years ago. This represents an increasingly rare opportunity to obtain fly tying’s most iconic and important piece of equipment.

Although lightly used, this vice is in exceptional condition. There is no wear or corrosion to any of its component parts and one would have to search very had to detect any signs of use.

Desirable extras include pedestal and table clamp options, a stem extension, universally adjustable bobbin cradle, material clip, Allen key and a very useful LAW travel case.


The jaws are made from CR12 tool steel hardened to Rockwell RC58. They will accommodate hooks from size 30 to 10/0. They are opened and closed with ease and precision via a brass star wheel.

The vice is adjustable in every direction and rotates on fore-&-aft bearings housed in a Delrin body.

The ample, stable G-clamp will secure the vice to tables and desks with even the shallowest of lips.

The stainless steel stem has a screw in extension.

It has an adjustable articulated LAW bobbin cradle

Allen key that adjusts all of the vice’s Allen screws.