LAW Fly Tying Vice made in 2015.

A Lawrence Waldron fly tying vice in mint condition with accessories.


This is the sixth LAW fly tying vice it has been my honour to offer for sale. Completed in late 2014 – early 2015, this is the most recent and I believe it was from the last batch of vices Lawrence made for sale.

There is a general consensus among fly tyers that the LAW vice was the best ever made, both in terms of quality and function. The unique and innovative Waldron design has been emulated but never equalled.

This vice has not been used and comes with a nice selection of accessories, all designed and made by Lawrence Waldron. They are:
The pedestal base, the C-clamp, the bead tray (first one I’ve seen), sight board/mirror, bobbin holder, the material clip and the Allen key.

These vices are very scarce and sought after.