Paul Witcher ‘1920’ Aerial 4″ centre pin reel.

Paul Witcher's own reel, the prototype of this model, regarded by many connoisseurs as his finest. Number 00.


I’ve known Paul Witcher since about 1991. He’s an absolute artist. I don’t see him often now but when we meet, he’s as gracious and charming as ever. These reels -his 1920 Aerial in this instance, reflect Paul’s personality and connection with the aesthetics and practical requirements of classic angling.

Paul’s letter of provenance, which is issued with this reel, tells you all about it.

What can I add? This is probably the finest interpretation of the original and much loved Allcock original. I have one and I love it dearly, but like a lot of you, I wind with my left hand and I wish that my reel’s football rattle check wasn’t set up for right hand wind.

This reel of Paul’s has the sweetest check I think I’ve ever heard from a centre pin. It’s as good, or even more mellifluous than the check on my old Hardy fly reel.

It spins forever and it’s as true as any reel can be. Solid and tight, all of its moving parts perform exactly as they should and of course, just look at it.

On reflection, I’m not sure that a reel’s check can be described as mellifluous, but if you buy this reel, you can take it up to your music room, with its cork floor, perfect humidity and temperature. Listen to it. What’s it saying to you? Six and a half pound Avon chub on float tackle? Freshly landed Gurnard?