Paul Witcher Avon Elite 4½” x ¾” №53.

Made by Paul Witcher for his own use, this is the only black anodised Avon Elite reel he made, as per his signed card of 20th December 2004


This fabulous 4½” x ¾” (actually 4.400″ x 0.790″) reel was confirmed by Paul Witcher, artist-artisan, on the 20th of December 2004, as being the only black anodised Avon Elite he’d made. Furthermore, he made it for his own personal use. No law against that.

It’s an amazingly light, elegant trotting reel. The spool weighs 108 grammes (3.8 oz) and the whole thing weighs 225 grammes (7.9 oz). The line pins are quite shallow and as I am about to reveal, the spool rotates so well that you’ll be able to run line out and back in with great ease.

In a timed experiment using the latest digital technology, we placed the reel in a vacuum chamber at 72 meters above sea level. It was then set off with an original Allcock’s pneumatic spool starter, which as you all know exerts a force of 5 Newton meters (3.68 foot-pounds) in 100th of a second.

When the spool finally stopped spinning, it had been doing so, according to the laser timer, for 2 minutes 32.43 seconds.

As you can see, the reel features in the Angling Times piece of Tuesday the 26th of March 2913. It was owned by the late artist and angler John Searl, who obtained it from Paul Witcher.

The reel is spotlessly clean and in superb condition, showing signs of very little use and no wear to any of its moving parts.

Rare, beautiful, functional. All the qualities we like to think we possess. This reel actually does. Failure to buy it at this almost charitable price will lead to an eternity of regret.