Paul Witcher. Longford Aerial № 9.

A 4” x 1” Centrepin reel made in 2023. Mint & unused. The last of the nine Longford Aerials.


With its leather D case, suede pouch and hand bound owner’s booklet (without a previous owner’s name in it).

I’ve been fortune enough to have seen some other Longford Aerials. They really are stupendous pieces of craftsmanship. No two are exactly the same and Paul Witcher, their gifted maker, has infused each one with his personality. Fortunately for us, he’s a very thoughtful, charming and stylish person. We’re not a couple.

As you would expect, the drum spins perfectly and silently, seemingly in an orbit of its own, untroubled by gravity or earthly matters. It transcends mere mechanics. It really is exceedingly fine and there’s no doubt that if a reel can achieve (cliché alert) cult status, the Witcher Longford Aerial has done so.

Readers of my modest, discreet descriptions of fishing tackle may by now be wondering if they haven’t caught a whiff of hyperbole if I say that this, the last of the Longford Aerials, is my favourite Witcher. I know, I know, one’s not supposed to have favourites.

The accompanying pictures clearly confirm my assertion that this is the ne plus ultra of Witcher Aerials.


Reel weight: 231 g. Spool weight: 110 g.

Weight when you’re by the river: Reel: 8.1 fl.oz  Spool: 3.9 fl.oz

Spool ventilated with 12 large holes per rim.

Brass spokes x 12, line pins, handle spindles, foot, spool boss, check button and calliper check.

Steel check wheel, pawl and spindle.

Phosphor bronze spool hub.

Faux ivory handles.

Hand stitched Witcher embossed bridle leather D-case and a hand stitched suede pouch.

Specially bound and printed owner’s manual, numbered, signed and dated by Paul Witcher.