Richard Carter 4″ Aerial Gem Centrepin c1994.

No 36 of this model, boxed, mint and with its original paperwork.


Rolls-Royce-trained Richard Carter of Traditional Angling made exceptionally fine, functional centrepin reels. I knew Richard and his wife Sue well, back then, when we were all young. I am a true fan of these reels and I’ve used several models a great deal, so I can vouch for their excellence.

The Aerial Gem 4″ diameter 7/8″ wide version, with its lever operated check set up for left hand wind, is a faultless barbel reel. It’s the ideal format for this type of fishing. Just the right width and diameter, the perfect configurations for Wallis casting. Six spoked, it’s very strong but not in the least over-built. Its absolute sweet spot is for ledgering in rivers and float fishing for tench (or carp etc) in still waters.

The check work and foot are brass. The spool hub, spokes, spool release and tension regulator are nickel silver. The spindle, check wheel and pawl are all tool steel and gauge plate.

The reel is numbered, boxed, has its original paperwork and has flawlessly black anodised alloy spool and back plate.

I don’t think this reel has been used. Not an easy reel to find in this exact format (others have line guards, star backs etc) and from one of the two best centrepin makers of the modern era (Chris Lythe is the other). Richard retired quite some time ago so there is absolutely no way of obtaining one of these reels except by purchasing this one.

I strongly recommend that you do so. Oil the spindle, load it with eight pound Maxima -50 yards, or about 180 turns of the spool, as per Richard’s note, and spin it as though it’s one of those toys that are supposed to relieve executive stress. By June the 16th, you’ll have a wild look about you for sure. As you wander past your friends on the bank, they’ll say ‘Mad as a hatter of course. Mind you, bloody nice centrepin.’