Richard Carter Aerial Perfection 4½” centrepin reel.

№ 31 of the 115 made. In near mint condition, boxed, with its original paperwork. A truly fabulous 12 spoke reel completed in October 1995.

Original price was: £1,200.00.Current price is: £995.00.

Richard Carter’s reels are becoming increasingly sought after. Richard retired years ago and enthusiasts are realising two things: Richard made some of the best centre pin reels of all time, and they are quite scarce.

As soon as I saw this one I feel for it. There’s something very tactile and satisfying about it. The heft is just right and it spins with a silky smoothness. As with all the best reels, one can see it spin, but there is no deviation. Only the true masters have made 12-spoke aerials that run this precisely. Richard was very much one of their number.

With its 4½” diameter and comfortable ⅞” width, crisp LHW/RHW check, removable ambidextrous nickel silver line guard and superbly free running spool, this is a Bentley quality reel for the connoisseur. You could use it for everything and if you had to limit yourself to one reel (I know, what a hideous thought) this would be a good choice.

The last Carter reel was with us for a few hours. Don’t dilly dally.


4½” x ⅞” 12 spoke spool. The spokes, line pins, tension regulator, spool release, spool hub and handle spindles are made from NS101 nickel silver. Handles made from faux horn. The spool rims are black anodised aluminium with ten holes to the front rim.

The black anodised alloy back plate has lugs for a removable nickel sliver Bickerdyke line guard which can be fitted to suit LHW or RHW users. The tool steel spindle is not overly stout and has enough substance not to flex so the reel doesn’t rub when winding under pressure. The lever operated check mechanism has brass and steel components and makes sweet music. By reversing the pawl, the check can be switched to and from LHW & RHW. A very nice Carter feature.

The ridged brass foot is engraved number 31.

The crisp, smooth check is set up for LHW but can easily be changed over to RHW.

The reel comes in its original Traditional Angling (Richard Carter’s firm) box with all papers: owner’s certificate, receipt and compliment slip.