Richard Carter Aerial Perfection 4″ centre pin.

This is reel № 107 of the 115 Aerial Perfections Richard made.


Originally made for Jon Berry, author of A Can Of Worms, this is an outstandingly good reel even by Richard’s exceptional standards. It is in absolutely superb condition, clean as a whistle and freshly lubricated.

Its format – a 12 spoke, ventilated 4″ x ¾” is an ideal arrangement. The spokes, line pins and spool hub are nickel silver. The foot, check button and other fixtures are brass. The spindle is tool steel and the check & pawl are hardened steel.

The check deserves special mention for its sweetness and ease of operation via a brass button on the back plate. A particularly nice feature of Richard’s reels is that by turning the pawl over the check can be switched from left to right hand wind and vice-versa.

The aluminium back plate and spool rims have a patinated ‘antique’ finish that goes particularly well with the  faux horn handles, brass and nickel silver components.

Of course, the reel spins long and true, as you’d expect from the work of a Rolls Royce trained craftsman. I think I mentioned this last time I offered an Aerial Perfection but I’ll say again that if you had to limit yourself to one centre pin, this would be a very sound choice indeed.

With its pleasing provenance (and a draw string pouch made by our seamstress) and it’s perfect condition and utility, this reel represents good value and should really be part of your collection. To hell with only having one centre pin!