Richard Carter Millennium Aerial № 1 4½” centrepin reel.

The № 1 reel of four made. The only one with a pair of matching spools. Made in December 1998. Mint.


The first of the four superb Millennium Aerials made by the talented Richard Carter of Traditional Angling, this is a fabulous and ultra-rare reel. It was the only one made with a matching pair of spools. Richard ceased commercial production of reels quite a long time ago and his centrepins, especially fine and very rare models such as this, are extremely desirable.

As with all of Richard’s reels, this one is exceptionally well made (Richard was Rolls Royce trained) and functions perfectly in every respect.

It looks stunning and with two spools, one really could use it to the exclusion of other centrepins, unless one’s fishing has become over-complicated!

Light, strong, free running, versatile and gorgeous to look at, the reel is in mint condition and has had little or no use.


Two matching spools, both 4½” diameter, 1⅛” wide (between flanges) 12 spokes, double ventilated -8 large holes and 10 smaller holes per flange.

All spokes, line pins and spool hubs are nickel silver.

The spools have tension regulators mounted on one spoke and a standard Aerial style spring loaded spool release on the opposite spoke.

Spool end float adjustment is via a grub screw.

The spindle is tool steel, secured to the back plate with a brass screw.

The tool steel check wheels are ventilated and blued.

Handles are faux horn with nickel silver mounts.

The blued spring steel V-spring check is operated via a brass button on the reel’s back plate. Check mechanism rivets are also brass.

The ribbed reel foot is brass.

The aluminium back plate and spool flanges have a chemically applied patina which gives a very pleasing antique look to the reel.

The back plate is engraved: The Millennium Aerial      Richard Carter      Maker    This specially commissioned engraving was done by hand by a firm in Bond Street.

There is a machined dust cap to protect the hub of the spool not being used.

The reel and extra spool have their Traditional Angling zip-up pouches.

The reel comes with its signed certificated, dated December 1998, which states that the reel was the prototype. Richard Carter and the reel’s first owner have confirmed that the reel was also the № 1 of only four made.