Richard Walker MK IV -made by the Barder Rod Co in 2020.

Brand new ex-stock, 10' 2-piece carp rod available for immediate collection or delivery.


The Richard Walker MK IV is the most famous split cane coarse fishing rod in Britain. We recently completed a batch of eight commissions for these rods and it was possible for us to produce a ninth for stock.

This rod was completed in December 2020 and I have stored it for four months in order to allow its varnish to cure nicely in time for June the 16th, when the coarse fishing season re-opens.

We made this MK IV from flame tempered hand split Tonkin bamboo, straightened and prepared in time honoured fashion. The tapers were formed to a tolerance of +/- one thousandth of a inch.

The 25″ Flor grade cork handle has a superbly elegant ‘onion’ shaped top -a Roscoff onion for those of you who know your onions. The alloy butt cap, sliding reel bands and shoulder collar are our own make.

The butt and tip ring are magnificent vintage nickel silver and agate, with hard chrome plated stainless steel bridge intermediate rings. There is a hook keeper ring immediately above the handle, secured with a hand forged nickel sliver strap. Above this is the Indian ink inscription:

The Richard Walker MK IV and the date of completion: 2020.

The nickel silver reinforced waterproof splint-end ferrule has a blued and lacquered finish and a hand turned olive wood and cork stopper.

Whippings are Pearsall’s green silk, varnish impregnated and transparent in our usual style. The intermediate whippings are exceptionally lovely golden straw silk, so fine that you can barely feel them, and one shade paler than the bamboo, so their appearance is very subtle and unobtrusive.

The rod comes in its tailor made bag.

The beauty of this rod cannot be overstated and of course it’s a superbly refined expression of Walker’s MK IV taper.

This is the ultimate choice for the style of carp fishing now referred to as classical, for which there is no better rod.

Reel lines: 8 – 10 lbs breaking strain.

Casting weights: up to 1.5 oz