The № 30 Bernard Venables Landing Net.

Made by the Edward Barder Rod Co in 1996. In outstanding condition.


This net is not only strikingly good looking, it’s also the most practical and robust all round  landing net I’ve ever used. It won’t fall apart, it floats, it doesn’t drag through the water and  I landed a one time Kennet record barbel of 16 lbs 10 oz in mine. So there!

We have fitted this one with a new mesh (original one -mouse damage. Very commonplace), a new bag for its handle and in the process of removing the original owner’s name, it has been over-varnished so it’s in as new condition.

Here is the technical specification:

Designed and built at the request of the late Bernard Venables, this pear-shaped net has a 6′ circumference, measuring 26″ front-to-back and 21″ side-to-side.  All but the largest fish can be landed comfortably in it. For chub, tench, perch and other less colossal fish, this net is the perfect size.

The hand tied knotless (and fully legal) mesh has loops at the top through which the frame passes.  There is no seam at the bottom of the mesh, so it expands to accommodate the fish.  The 1″ mesh size allows the free passage of water, thus reducing drag.

The best straight-grained American white ash is used for the frame, which has a superb varnish finish and is inscribed in Indian ink The № 30 Bernard Venables Net. E. Barder Rod Co ~ makers MCMXCVI.

The specially cast naval bronze Y-shaped block is secured to the frame with flush-fitting stainless steel screws.

The 6′ detachable handle is made from seasoned, tempered and bored-out Tonkin bamboo.  It is straightened, beautifully mottled, and impeccably varnished.  There are brass fittings at each end, with a rubber button fitted to the butt. The handle is inscribed The № 30 Venables net. E. Barder Rod Co. ’96. The handle comes in a fitted bag with a hanging loop.

We don’t make nets at the moment and they don’t come up for sale very often. We pioneered the revival of this type of net at Bernard’s suggestion, and with his full cooperation. They remain the original and best. They are practical, beautiful and good for a lifetime’s use.