The Bernard Venables Aerial centrepin reel № 32

Made by Richard Carter of Traditional Angling Products in 1997. Cased, in mint condition.


This is ultra-rare Richard Carter Bernard Venables Aerial, number 32 of a limited edition of 100 (47 were actually made. Production ceased when Bernard died) made in 1997. Richard Carter made this reel with Bernard’s collaboration and full approval. It’s a 12 spoke 4″ diameter reel, a bit over three quarters of an inch wide between flanges (actually .862″). It is un-anodised aluminium with faux ivory handles and a combination of brass and nickel silver components. It comes in a specially made green baize lined glass fronted wooden case, with a special certificate set into its back.
It has a complete set of paperwork, has not been used and I’m including an original mounted colour print of Bernard with one of these reels. The picture was given to me as a gift by Peter Lowry, the professional photographer (and Golden Scale Club member) who took the marketing photos of the reel for Richard Carter (who was also a member of the GSC). I don’t think many other people will have this picture. It was given to me because Peter knew I was a friend of Bernard’s.
Understandably, people clearly don’t want to part with them and they are hardly ever seen.