The Chris Yates ‘Barbus Maximus’ MK II 3-piece barbel rod.

Made to order by us in 2004, this is a very rare 3-piece variant of our MK II Barbus Maximus. 11'3" long, in mint unused condition.


I put this rod together yesterday. Colin and I took it outside and attached a reel -the trusty Milbro Bakelite sea reel. You must have seen it? We ran a line through the rings -the lime green fly line we always use to highlight ring spacing and rod curves. We’re terribly scientific here.

The lovely fly line, make unknown, is attached to a hook in the wall at ground level. Then we can bend the rod and pretend that the workshop is a vast, immovable fish. We look at the rod’s taper. This one is just superb. The tip is sensitive but strong and curves smoothly into the middle, which has the even bend that I always aim for. It doesn’t collapse. The last part of the rod’s flexibility is in the butt, so the action is forgiving and won’t lock up on a big fish, but the strong middle gives it authority. I designed this myself. I’d like to think that I’m rather clever. I’m not, but this is a superb 3-piece variant of our MK II Chris Yates Barbus Maximus.

Made to special order in 2004, this rod remains in unused mint condition and has some lovely features. As it’s in three sections, it is very portable and easy to put into the car, bicycle cross bar if you’re mad, or into the sidecar of your Brough Superior SS100.

It has, as I’ve mentioned, a superb –really properly superb- action. Nickel silver handle fitting and ferrules, made by us, and Boxwood ferrule stoppers. It also has Burgundy silk whippings throughout, including perfectly graduated intermediate whippings.

The price is very significantly less (hundreds of pounds) than you’d pay for this rod if you commissioned it today and it’s available immediately.

About those stoppers. I was given a six foot length of the most beautiful Boxwood by my friend Steve The Horticulturalist. He’s very highly qualified. He counted the rings and reckoned that the wood was about a thousand years old. Her up at the Big House had asked him to remove this tree and its twin from part of the formal gardens. He carried out a selective programme for growing high grade cannabis plants in the greenhouses and told Her Ladyship that they were tomato plants. She believed him. He’d loved those old Box trees. Revenge is sweet.


11¼’ in 3 sections of 45” apiece, all made by me from flame tempered hand-split and straightened seasoned Tonkin bamboo to a precise proprietary taper design.

The 24” Flor grade cork handle has an onion-shaped top and our own make of finely knurled nickel sliver fittings throughout.

The Nickel Silver ferrules, also of our own make, retain their original smooth fit and have their special Boxood and cork stoppers.

The rings are lightweight hard chrome plated stainless steel bridge pattern with Amberfin butt and tip rings. There is a hook keeper ring secured with a hand forged strap above the handle.

Whippings are Burgundy silk throughout including the perfectly graduated intermediates. The rod has a flawless hand applied marine grade varnish finish, which is fully mature and tough. The rod is ready to fish!

The rod comes in its tailor made bag with traditional ribbon fastenings.

Test curve: 1¼ lbs. Reel lines: 6 – 8 lbs BS. Casting weights: up to 1¼ oz.