The Chris Yates Merlin 3-piece Avon rod.

Completed by the Barder Rod Co in July 2009, this unused rod is in new condition.


Specially commissioned, this rare 3-piece Chris Yates Merlin Avon rod is unused and has been maturing quietly in perfect conditions since it was completed in July 2009. It’s time to take it to the water, balanced by an equally gorgeous centre pin reel (also available from me, I might add).

Do rods have a soul, feelings even? Don’t be daft. Of course they don’t but paradoxically, they aren’t exactly inanimate when loaded with a reel, line and running water. Cast out, watch this Merlin and you’ll see what I mean.

You might want something even lighter if you’re a bleak and dace fanatic (are you really?) and you’d certainly better use something stouter for big barbel, carp and pike, but for the general run of fish- roach, perch, chub, tench, winter grayling, this rod is superb. Wait, what about the crucian carp and bronze bream? Consider the Nase that torment you on your holidays in France. Yes, those too will succumb to the ineffable charms of the 3-piece Merlin.

In its classic 3-piece format you can easily stash it in the boot of the Frazer Nash that takes you to the river. As you draw it from its tailor made bag, its chestnut silks glowing warmly in the morning sun, you’ll feel your spirits soar and the cares of the world will vacate your mind, leaving room only for pleasure and harmony.

I don’t wear a saffron robe


3-piece 11′. The sections are made from precision built flame tempered hand split and straightened Tonkin bamboo.

Ferrules are blued & lacquered nickel silver, waterproof, with hand-turned olive wood and cork stoppers.

The 24″ Flor grade cork handle has an onion-shaped top and finely knurled aluminium reel bands, butt cap and rubber button.

The rings are clear Amberfin for the butt & tip, with hard chrome plated stainless steel stand-off intermediate rings. Silks are chestnut throughout and the flawless finish is hand-applied marine grade varnish.

The rod comes in its tailor made bag with traditional fastening ties.

Very attractive indeed, equally attractively priced and available for immediate collection or delivery in time for June the 16th 2022.