The Edward Barder Rod Company 1996 Blue Catalogue.

A5 size, 32 pages of text and 4 pages of colour illustrations + a separate 4 page price list.

Formerly the property of Derek Whitehouse. In mint condition. Signed by Edward Barder & Colin Whitehouse. Scarce.

This catalogue was designed, laid out and printed by Jon Ward-Allen of the Medlar press. It is in the style of the best classic catalogues and is the only one of its kind (there was a green one for Fly Rods) ever issued by the Barder Rod Co, at a cost of £1.00 inc. P&P.

I wrote the contents with great enthusiasm and enjoyment. It’s a good read and full of information about our rods and tackle, as well as the history of split cane rods, their maintenance etc.

A very satisfying item indeed, until one reads the price list and sees that most of the rods were £415 and a Bernard Venables landing net was £200. No wonder I was always broke!

As well as the rods and nets, we listed net handles in one and two piece formats, seat baskets & creels, shoulder straps for both, the Kelly Kettle, Tonkin bamboo float cases, Colin Whitehouse Catapults and Floats (he’s been here twenty seven years now, poor old bugger), tailor made rod bags and by the look of it, the souls of impoverished rod makers.