The Kennet Perfection. 11’6″ 2-piece + handle c1992.

Edward Barder ~ Maker. In exceptional condition with its original screw capped aluminium travelling tube.

This rod was made BC (before Colin) at my original workshop in North End. I used to get lost sometimes on my way there and I grew up in the village! Such a remote and quiet environment was very good for rod making.

The Kennet Perfection was my first popular commercial model. I bought a planing block from Oliver’s of Knebworth to plane the bamboo strips into for early examples and it had Bob Southwell’s measurements marked on it, so my renditions of the rod have always been faithful to the original design.

It’s a strong, limber rod that never seems to run of of steam but it’s not a hefty leaden instrument in the least. It lives up to its name, even though, sadly, the eponymous river hasn’t. For barbel, chub, perch and tench (and the noble bream of course), the Kennet Perfection is a classic practical all-round rod.

It’s hard to imagine an angling life without one. I loved mine. Past tense. I struck at a chub bite while fishing from the weir at Abingdon and the tip hit the metal railing behind me with a terrific crack. I was a strong lad back then and the top joint, through no fault of its own, parted company with the rest of the rod, slid down the line and neatly knocked off my hook -and presumably the chub. Thirty three years later and I still haven’t found time to make a new tip for that rod.

I should really buy this one, but I can’t because you want to and I’m very gracious about this sort of thing.


Hand-made split cane throughout, in two sections + detachable split cane handle.

The Flor grade cork handle is 26″ long with a trumpet-shaped top, finely knurled Barder Rod Co sliding reel bands, a conical alloy butt cap and a red rubber button.

Rings are hard chrome plated stainless steel bridge throughout, with an agate lined nickle silver tip ring and an Amberfin butt ring. The whippings are varnish impregnated Pearsall’s bottle green silk, including the closely spaced intermediates.

The Indian ink inscription is as follows: The Kennet Perfection. Edward Barder~Maker. 1992.

The made to measure bag is new and the rod comes in its original fitted aluminium tube with screw cap closure.

Reel lines: 4 – 8 lbs BS

Casting weights: up to 1 oz.