The LAW anti-reverse disc drag fly reel.

Made by master craftsman and designer Lawrence Waldron of Staffordshire. In mint, unused condition. Left Hand Wind.


This Left Hand Wind model has an outside diameter of 3” and an overall width of 1¾”.  The spool is 2¾” x 1”. It weighs 164g (5.8oz). It has a wide range disc drag that is superbly smooth throughout its range, controlled by a profiled knob on the handle bar. This knob, when undone, allows the reel to be dismantled.

This is an anti-reverse reel so the handles remain stationary when line is drawn from the spool. The disc drag is easy to adjust and offers a far smoother, more controlled release of line to a running fish than manual pressure applied to a spool rim could ever achieve.

The handles are stabilised Rosewood. The shaped handle, when pressed inwards, inserts a nipple into the spool’s portholes so that if necessary one can apply non-slip pressure when retrieving line. The other handle has O-rings in which you can secure your leader.

There is a button on the reel’s back to switch the ratchet on and off. There are, as the accompanying pictures reveal, very few moving parts and the reel is made from the best corrosion resistant materials. The aluminium body, spool, handle bar, drag knob and foot are anodised to the highest standard.

The reel is very light for its line carrying capacity due to the porting of the spool and body. This allows line and backing to dry easily and the caged body ensures the reel’s strength and rigidity. For #5, #6 & #7 weight lines and backing, it is suitable for fresh and salt water use. Easy to clean and lubricate, this reel will give a lifetime of reliable service.

The quality of construction, design and utility of this reel are peerless, as you would expect from Lawrence Waldron, designer and maker of the LAW fly tying vice, which is widely acknowledged as the best vice ever made.

Lawrence Waldron retired from making reels and vices quite a few years ago. They are scarce and very sought after.