The LAW fly tying vice.

Designed & made by Lawrence Waldron. In exceptional condition with its full compliment of accessories.


This is widely acknowledged to be the best fly tying vice ever made and as production ceased some years ago, this represents a rare opportunity to obtain a LAW vice in exceptional condition.


The jaws are made from CR12 tool steel hardened to Rockwell RC58. They will accommodate hooks from size 30 to 10/0. They are opened and closed with ease and precision via a brass star wheel.

The vice is adjustable in every direction and rotates within a Delrin body.

The stainless steel stem has a screw in extension and an L-shaped stem too, as favoured by well known angler, fly tyer and writer Paul Proctor.

It has the following accessories:

A white vitreous enamel coated pedestal base with a recessed central dish, suede pad and non-slip suede underside.

An ample, stable G-clamp will secure the vice to tables and desks with even the shallowest of lips.

An adjustable LAW sight screen/mirror so that you can clearly view your fly’s profile and see what its other side looks like without having to rotate the vice. Ingenious, elegant, effective.

An adjustable articulated LAW bobbin cradle

A stem mounted bead tray.

An Allen key that adjusts all of the vice’s Allen screws.

This example of the LAW vice is in perfect, flawlessly clean condition, lubricated as per Lawrence Waldron’s maintenance advice in his owner’s guide (photocopy included).