Richard Carter Aerial Perfection 4″ x ⅞” centrepin.

Made in the mid-1990s. Little used, in exceptional condition.


Richard Carter wrote a note on the tissue paper packaging inside this reel’s box to identify it as a ‘Show Perfection’ and RLC is engraved on the inside of the reel foot’s mounting plate. These are Richard’s initials so we can conclude that this was his reel and he used it as a showpiece.

Richard retired from reel making some time ago. There is a finite supply of these superb Aerials. If the Lythe reels are the Rolls-Royce, the Carters are the Daimlers -no, not Daimlers, perhaps the Alvis TD21 Graber Spezial Coupés. Enough thoroughbred car analogies. These are fabulous, collectible and eminently usable reels.

The 4″ Aerial Perfection is a one man, one reel model (heaven forbid that you should have to limit yourself to one centrepin). I had one and I sold it, years ago, when I was poor and had to fund the installation of a new gas boiler. I feel its absence still, but I had to have hot bath water and you have to have this reel.

The configuration of the spool is just right in terms of width and diameter, for casting from, retrieving line, paying line out to a travelling float and behaving itself even when your dexterity deserts you. The parallel faux horn handles are comfortable and removable, the twelve spoke construction is lightweight, elegant and classic. The tool steel spindle runs in a nickel silver hub and will outlast all of us.

The check, operated via a brass button on the back plate, is of a particularly well conceived and sweetly clicking design. The silky black anodising of the alloy back plate and spool flanges looks just right, set off by the nickel silver and brass components.

The crisp, smooth check is set up for LHW but can easily be changed over to RHW

As with all really well made 4″ 12 spoke Aerials, this is a reel that you can trot with for roach using fine tackle one day and ledger the next using heavier gear for barbel. Richard Carter was Rolls-Royce trained and really knew his business, as you can see by the cleanly competent and professional construction of this superb reel.

It comes in its original box containing an original Traditional Angling business card (carte-de-visite, I ask you)  and is very attractively priced.