Tom Moran 7½’ #4-weight model № 904 2-piece 2-top fly rod.

In mint unused condition, this the the 26th of this model, made c2008.


Tom Moran’s work should need no introduction to the seasoned connoisseur of fine split cane rods. If you are not familiar with them, this unused example is a perfect introduction to his oeuvre. Specialising in rods of 8′ or less, this two piece seven and a half footer is the epitome of Tom’s work.

It has a tremendously smooth, satisfying and well behaved action so typical of Tom’s Garrison inspired tapers. Married to a double taper #4 line it’s hard to imagine a better all-round small stream and brook rod.

Made while he was living in Chilton Foliat, near Hungerford in Berkshire, this rod embodies all of the details of design and build quality that earned the late Tom Moran his world wide reputation.


Precision built flamed Tonkin cane blank, hand split and straightened, with classic Leonard 3 x 3 node spacing and a beautifully elegant swelled butt. The numbered tips are identical and remain needle straight.

Very finely knurled & engraved sliding band and cap reel seat metal work made from blued and lacquered nickel silver,with a hand-shaped Maple insert. Tom filed his reel seat inserts to conform exactly to the shape of a Hardy reel foot. The are superb.

Guides are size 8 Mildrum SRMC nickel silver and carbide stripping guide, Hopkins & Holloway hayfork tip rings and most importantly, his own make of bronzed snake guides. No other maker before or since has made guides remotely like Tom’s.

Whippings are varnish impregnated clear Pearsall’s silk with ultra-fine black tippings. The hook keeper above the handle was also designed and made by Tom.

Ferrules are Moran Super-Z nickel silver, blued & lacquered and retaining the original Rosewood and cork stopper. They are a perfect fit.

The impeccable finish is the finest yacht varnish.

The rod comes in a tailored cotton bag with integral tip protector and a leather case by Ger Vroomen (of the Netherlands).