Rods, reels & hen harriers.

Remember the Hawker Siddeley Harrier Jump Jet?

Here’s a nice harrier. Chris Yates broadcast his Reading The Air on Radio 4 last Sunday afternoon (23rd of October). He talks to us while out in search of wintering hen harriers. Superb. These are pretty miserable times. Chris’s programme will transport you away from fear and loathing to a better place. I guarantee it. Click now to listen to Reading The Air.

Now, I expect you’ll want to hear about fishing tackle.

We’ve travelled back in time from the Harrier to the Spitfire. This time it’s the Chris Lythe Spitfire centre pin reel that you can winter with. I’m offering this one on behalf of a Gentleman. It’s number 17 of a sold out limited edition. Please click on the picture to find out more.

Edward Barder doesn’t haggle.

However, with the kind cooperation of the Quality up from The Smoke, I’ve adjusted the prices of a few select reels and rods to suit the pockets of the humble angler in these straitened times.
Please click on the picture to find out more, and explore the items listed in the STOCK section.

A very early, extremely rare and rather unusual Richard Walker MK IV.

This rod -please click on the picture to find out more- was made in 1953 by B. James & Son of Ealing. They became Bruce & Walker and moved to Huntingdon in 1959. They’re still there, still making hand made carbon rods. Mr and Mrs Potter, the proprietors, are rightly celebrated in ITV4’s Made in Britain series. This is well worth watching.

It has been suggested by Garrett Fallon of Fallon’s Angler that I might like to submit a piece about companionship in angling. I’ve got lots of fishing friends. I don’t want to write about them though. My best angling companion is Lord Alfred, because he tolerates being sworn at to an extent that no human could endure. He’s a terrier. Terriers, more than other dogs, are utter, utter ba*****ds when fishing. Worse, even, than excitable children. Mind you, would Fallon’s Angler print all the expletives I’d have to include for authenticity? Would they feck.

Enjoy the autumn and best of luck with your investment portfolio,

Edward, Colin and Lord Alfred