Split Cane from Tonkin Bamboo. The Barder Rod Co turns 30!

The Barder Rod Co started its 30th year in style last weekend when Edward went to Berlin to select superb Tonkin bamboo culms from the impressive stock held by Peer Doering-Arjes of Springforelle. What a nice name. It means ‘Leaping Trout’. Peer is Europe’s leading authority on rod building bamboo and supplies the best.

The old Latin name for this miraculous bamboo was Arundinaria Amabilis which translates as The Lovely Reed. It’s now called Pseudosasa Amibilis. I don’t know what this means and I fear its translation is less poetic. Next week we will be receiving the 90 culms I selected. They’re already seasoned and we will let them acclimatise in our workshop for a while. Then, if you’ll do us the honour of commissioning a rod from us, you can be sure that it will be made from the very best bamboo.

It’s rained a lot here this winter and by Saint Valentine’s Day, when the Sukebind will be in bud and the aquifers full, a great fishing season surely awaits.

Happy New Year to you all, from a very bamboo-rich Barder Rod Co.

Edward Barder and Colin Whitehouse