The Lawrence Waldron LAW Fly Tying Vice.

The Sumptuary Laws have been relaxed.

You can now hunt with a white tailed eagle for all the Duke of Northumberland cares. Say goodbye to wearing nothing fancier than broadcloth and flying a kestrel at mice just so that their Lordships won’t feel insecure. These days, 48% of us are liberal, fair minded people. Once, I’d have been locked up for excessive paronomasia. Now, if I suggest for instance that you join The Vice Squad and buy a Lawrence Waldron LAW fly tying vice, nobody will even laugh.

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This one has an articulated bobbin cradle. I call it the Long Arm Of The LAW. Other puns are available.

Lord Alfred says we must shut up shop and amble home but think on’t. The leaves are starting to turn. Soon there will be crisp frost underfoot and the scented smoke of a sweet chestnut fire will come to you on the breeze. Grayling will be shifting restlessly in their pools and the seasonal drip on the end of the pike angler’s nose will be starting to form. This isn’t the time to regret summer’s passing, it’s autumn and the beginning of a new season. Cheer up!

Stay safe and stay lucky,

Lord Alfred, Edward & Colin