This is the self-preservation society.

We offer our best wishes to all of you who patiently read these idiosyncratic emails. We appreciate that given the gravity of the current crisis, hand made fishing tackle will not be foremost in your thoughts. But, and it’s a big but, we all need to look forward to the things that bring good cheer to our lives. Colin and I are in rude good health, we walk or cycle to our rural but hygienic workshop and we maintain a gruff, manly distance while we toil away at our rod making.

In my next email, I shall outline our current working practices and how we plan to interact with our customers and suppliers.
There will be information about our Spring Sale
The publication of Dave Watson’s fabulous new book about David Petty’s collection of classic British split cane rods.
The increasingly slim chance that I might still be able to attend the European Rod Makers Gathering at Baorio Terme (Brescia) Italy between 22nd and 24th May. IBRA (Italian Bamboo Rodmakers Association), who organise this event, did me the great honour of inviting me as their special guest this year.

To lighten the mood, we like a sing-song. Here’s the opening to an especially apposite number from the film The Italian Job:

Go wash your German bands, your boat race too
Comb your Barnet Fair we got a lot to do
Put on your Dickie Dirt and your Peckham Rye
Cause time’s soon hurrying by
etc etc

With apologies to Quincy Jones and Don Black, our numerous friends in Germany and my parents, who spent a fortune on my education, I offer this translation from the original cockney:

This is the self-preservation society
This is the self-preservation society
Go wash your hands, your face too
Comb your hair, we’ve got a lot to do
Put on your shirt and your tie
Because time’s soon hurrying by

You can find the rest of this cheery classic on that internet. Test your knowledge of cockney rhyming slang. No cheating mind, or you’ll be in Barney Rubble!

Until next time, stay well and look after yourselves,

Edward Barder and Colin Whitehouse