Tom Moran 8’ #5-weight 2-piece 2-top c2001.

№ 13 of this model by the late Tom Moran. In superb condition.

Tom Moran (who died in 2014) was quite rightly regarded as one of the most important and refined craftsmen in the modern era of split cane rod making. Knowledgeable connoisseurs treasure his rods as some of the finest of all time.

We are proud to have a very nice selection of Tom Moran rods at the moment and we fervently hope that readers will accept our advice that a collection fine split cane rods should contain at least one Moran. Not having one would be a bit like a classic aircraft collection lacking a Tiger Moth, or a cabinet of watches missing a Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Available for collection or delivery. £2,500

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