Won’t you tell us about Fokkers, Sir Douglas?

A Christmas Message From Lord Alfred of the Edward Barder Rod Co.

We wish you all a Happy & Safe Christmas Holiday.

Please keep your wits about you and don’t get legless.

Colin claims that he was testing the depth of the hole he’d just dug.

From the Angler’s Mail, 4th of August 1982 -see the last paragraph, bottom right.

I have a vexatious friend called Edward. He’s always eating and he snores. He got into making fishing rods because he liked fishing, in case you were wondering. Here’s a mention of a fish he caught when he should have been revising for his exams.

People used to call me Tin Legs. Ha ha ha. I gave up pointing out that my name’s got an ‘r’ in the middle and his hasn’t.

What a witty chap he was. He lived in the next village to us. I used to go to the same hairdresser as his wife. More on that story later.

I’m tired now.

Edward has worn me out with his constant prattling about highly desirable Avocets, Bernard Venables, his gravity-defying landing net and whole cane butts. I’m off for a kip in my basket.

Best wishes for a peaceful and lovely Christmas,
Colin, Lord Alfred and his Edward