16″ Pushmi-pullyu.

What’s in the red velvet drape, Dr Dolittle?

Is it the world’s most expensive salami?

No, it’s Tonkin bamboo case for floats, shot, hooks & caps.

Just look at it lying there on its red plush, with its leather gear, for all the world to see. I thought Paul Raymond was dead!

Actually this is one of only two or three of these cases to have been made in the mid-nineties by the Barder Rod Co. This is an incredibly rare find, very much on a par with Mary Anning’s discovery of a plesiosaur near Lyme Regis in the nineteenth century. Though incredibly rare and desirable, this case is available from us and unlike Mary Anning, you won’t have to scrabble about in Blue Lias to get your hands on it. Just click here for more information.

Well, I’d better go. The Muntjac are eating conkers just outside the workshop door and Lord Alfred is looking ready to give chase.

Best wishes from Edward, Colin and Lord Alfred