All you want for Christmas.

Is it going to be a Bob Cratchit Christmas?

What do you secretly wish Santa would bring you? None of my business of course. Still, a Scalextric would be fun while you sip your Piper Sidekick and nibble on larks’ tongues.

I’d hate you to be disappointed by the lack of slot cars and suitable track, but we specialise in the finest fishing tackle available to humanity.

For the Christmas season, we try to get in or make something extra special. Last year it was a mother of pearl split shot dispenser. This year’s Christmas Special is a Tonkin bamboo float case, or it was until yesterday, when Bill Sykes and his lads came calling.

All you want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague away kit.

Very nice, but if, like me, you’re more into split cane than football, you might prefer some of the stuff we’ve got in stock, such as an unusually blonde and exceptionally nice Ealing transfer B. James & Son MK IV.

(Click picture for more info)

A very, very early B. James & Son Richard Walker MK IV with the ‘Built To Endure’ decals, inscribed by Jim Bruce, proprietor.

Another very early B. James & Son MK IV, also inscribed by Jim Bruce, with one gold decal.

A fully hand inscribed B. James & Son MK IV.

Or if you’re not into vintage carp rods, there’s a superb Barder Rod Co 7′ #3 fibreglass fly rod

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A Barder Rod Co 10′ #3-weight 4-piece carbon fly rod.

A Barder Rod Co 11′ 4-piece custom built 4-piece carbon fibre Avon rod.

Or how about a one-off 3-piece Chris Yates Merlin 11′ Avon rod?

Soon, we’ll show you a lovely Barder Rod Co Kennet Perfection from the 1990s, a unique MK I Chris Yates Barbus Maximus and a Bernard Venables landing net with a 2-piece handle.

I could tell you more, but there’s no point risking sensory overload before you’ve had your first mince pie.

From all of us here at the Barder Rod Co, best wishes for a very happy Christmas.