Built To Endure.

Are you built to endure?

I think so. I can see you. Beautifully cut tweed. John Lobb brogues. Steel reinforced bowler. Sock suspenders. Turnbull & Asser stab vest. You can’t be too careful. As a friend was once told by a French fishing ghillie- La pêche est un sport extrême! Bloke was obviously complètement fou.

Like you, the rods of B. James & Son were built to endure. Look, it says so.

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This is an incredibly rare & fine Richard Walker MK IV from the first batch of these rods made in 1952. It was built to endure so it’s still in great shape at seventy one, rather like Jenny Agutter.

Look, here’s another one. Also created in 1952, so it was old enough to star in The Railway Children.

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What, a third?

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Yes, and there’s a fourth. This is one of the most interesting and desirable selections of early Richard Walker MK IVs it’s been our privilege to show you.

This is one of the first MK IVs to have a facsimile of Richard Walker’s signature applied to it. It’s a fishing rod equivalent of the Turin Shroud, but less controversial and much, much better looking.

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You may be suffering from a surfeit of MK IVs now and feel the need to go walkabout but even there, you can’t escape from them. That’s a nice example of a green whipped model that David Gulpilil’s using to point out a good lizard hunting spot to Jenny Agutter.

Well, it’s been lovely chatting to you but Colin tells me that it’s time to have a nice cup of tea and leave you to choose the MK IV of your dreams.

With best wishes from Edward, Colin and Lord Alfred.