How’s your work-life balance?


Begging your pardon Mr Atlas, I know you’re a Titan and you bear the weight of the world on your shoulders, but you do look a bit stressed. How’s your work-life balance?

Perhaps you should take things easier, like Apollo. He’s only an Olympian but I’ve heard in a song that he can wrestle poodles and win. Status and leisure, that’s the way, Infinite Majesty.

Perfect Balance.

Here’s a superb eight and a half foot five-weight three piece fly rod we made in 2007. Used perhaps once. With this rod, you could take a day by the river and fish for trout and grayling. You’d feel like a Prince, if not a Titan. Please click on the image for more information.

The Idiot.

We made this rod in 2003 and it, too, has superb balance. The quality of your life might improve immeasurably if you take it fishing, instead of studying the barometric mysteries of the stock market.

I am an Idiot. My work-life balance is completely unsatisfactory. Too much of the former for enjoyment of the latter. I made this rod with Colin when we were both thirty eight. We were, as they say in Greek rod making circles, a pair of s**t-hot old boys. Please click on the image for more information.

Earlier today a friend pointed out that it’s autumn and time for perch and other fish sans adipose. For these, we have a Chris Yates Merlin in stock that is so utterly brilliant that I can hardly believe I made it. Back then, I must have had skill and modesty.

There are two Bernard Venables landing nets as well and a very on-trend Barder Rod Co 10′ #4-weight carbon fibre fly rod. Look here.

Sorry it’s been a while.

Best wishes for September from Edward, Colin and Lord Alfred

PS. Lord Alfred is coming up to his centenary. If you call in, he’ll probably be having a kip under the milling machine. Still full of himself though. The other day, Colin was helping me clear a fallen tree out of a lake. Alfie was getting in the way of saws and falling timber. Colin politely moved him to one side so Alfie bit him.

Go on, stroke him. I dare you.