Super Bottom Fishing.

Hey, wiseguy, listen to this:

Perhaps you’d like to get a new fishing rod or reel, or landing net, like these.
(Click on the images for more details)

This week, the focus is on bottom fishing.

I’d be accused of unforgivable prurience if I encouraged you to laugh at the term bottom fishing, but Hardy’s thought it was super in 1937. Mind you, they had Warrants from six Royal houses and I have none. I’m ever so ‘umble. Please glubner, won’t you buy a split cane rod or two, or a packet of ball bearing schwibels? I’ve got the dog to worm and the front tyre on my bike’s worn through to the canvas.

Back at Ham Mill, we’re slogging away with over-due orders (Covid delayed I’m afraid but we’re doing our best) and next week I shall bring you news of fly rods suitable not for bottom fishing but what -top fishing?

Stay safe, take a raincoat, go fishing.

Best of luck,
Edward, Colin and Lord Alfred