Ted’s Tackle Tips.

I know, I know, you think the Chris Lythe Aerial reel tastes better with mayonnaise, but this is my top tackle tip for spring-

When the copper, nickel and bronze alloy components of your favourite classic reels become dull & tarnished, apply tomato ketchup using a size 8 or 10 pure squirrel brush, or your fingers, but no licking!

Leave for half an hour to an hour, then wash the reel in hot soapy water using an old tooth brush for the crevices. Dry carefully with kitchen paper and leave somewhere warm overnight. Re-lubricate and go fishing.

Abrasives & polishes remove metal that can’t be replaced, get into places from which they cannot be removed & your reel, though shiny, will be ruined. Don’t use them, use ketchup.

I’m full of advice today: If your door knobs or brass bedstead are tarnished, clean them with ketchup too. Show your friends on your favourite social media platform. They won’t think any less of you, although they may stop returning your calls.

Here is probably the finest selection of contemporary and classic Aerials available to humanity.

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Chris Lythe 4″ Roach reel c2021
Chris Lythe 4¼” Float Master SU c2018
Richard Carter 4½” Aerial Perfection c1995
Chris Lythe 4″ 1915 Avon c2012
Chris Lythe 4″ Roach reel c2017
Richard Carter 4″ Aerial Perfection c1995
Allcock’s 4″ Aerial Match c1939

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None of these reels require ketchup but you should apply a drop or two of fine, silicone-free oil (not WD40, 3-in-1 or Mayonnaise) to their spindles from time to time.

Until next time, look after yourselves and enjoy the sunshine.

Au revoir from Edward, Colin & Lord Alfred