The LAW bench vice.



It wasn’t just Peter Benchley’s man-eating shark that we had to deal with in the seventies. There was Jaws the dentally threatening character from The Spy Who Loved Me. Those were the main jaws of the decade. You know, the really important ones. Later, probably in the nineties, some other very special jaws came to our attention.

The LAW fly tying vice.

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This fly tying vice, the best of its kind, has jaws that were made by Lawrence Waldron from hand filed tool steel. He advised an occasional coat of oil to prevent or remove rust. A drop on a finger tip should be sufficient, said the Maestro. More daring was the suggestion that you could wipe clean or even oil the slot between the two halves of the jaws. Imagine trying that on with a hungry Great White or a grumpy Richard Kiel!

It’s pretty peaceful here at the Barder Rod Co. No Bond villains and very few fish. We do have this exceptional and rare LAW fly tying vice for your consideration, and other pieces of fine fishing tackle are in the pipeline, including a Chris Yates MK II Barbus Maximus barbel rod & a rare ash framed Chris Yates Landing net.

Apparently, the mayfly hatch has started a fortnight early this year. How vulgar of it. Still, you could console yourself by tying a French Partridge or two on a LAW vice before it’s all over.

With best wishes from Edward Barder and Colin Whitehouse