Brush your Hampsteads. It’s a new day with the Barder Rod Co!

Stay confident with Colman’s.

Confused? Yellow smile and hot breath not what you’d intended this morning? Funny, you said to yourself, funny. You’ve always used Colgate.

Recently you received a message to say that the Barder rod Co would be building a couple of fibreglass fly rods. What’s going on?

Perhaps working at home on your own isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Maybe some fresh air would help.

Leave the land where the bong-tree grows and go fishing with a fibreglass fly rod.


Barder Rod Co. 7' #3-weight 3-piece fibreglass fly rod.
A new Barder fibreglass fly rod such as this seven footer for a #3 line. It’s the colour of the honey my friend Nick’s bees make. Granny Barder fashioned the drizzler from sterling silver.

Click here for details about the most delectable glass rod you’ll ever see.


Barder Rod Co. 7½' #4-weight 3-piece fibreglass fly rod.
Pesto straight from the jar Tina? I can see the tell-tale green stains down the front of your onesie (everyone could in that Zoom meeting).

You’ll love this 7’6″ #4 weight fibreglass masterpiece. It’s your colour.

Observing its deft, elegant and authoritative casting stroke reminds me of Herbert von Karajan’s baton.

Click here for information about the instrument with which you will soon conduct your angling affairs.

Best of luck when you go fishing and until next time, stay well and look after yourselves,

Edward Barder and Colin Whitehouse, makers of the finest fishing rods available to humanity.