Thank you for the Dace.

Here are The Kinks performing their 1968 hit Thank you for the Dace. And here are some Dace! But wait

Richard Walker’s Reel.

If Brunel had been a carp fisherman. ‘Now then, I think we’ll use chain for the hook length. It’s flexible

Dear Diary

I’m not a fish! This is a page from the Old Grey Fellow’s fishing diary. The third entry from bottom,

Bamboodo with the Barder Rod Co.

Are you, perhaps, a Bamboodo Yudansha, your black belt worn with pride? Bamboodo: the martial art of carefully handling bamboo,

Super Bottom Fishing.

Hey, wiseguy, listen to this: Perhaps you’d like to get a new fishing rod or reel, or landing net, like

Are you a Woodentop?

To get you in the mood for this week’s story, take a look at the leash of Constable Wallop Brook

What would Bernard Venables say?

The Steamers. You’ll have seen pictures of our workshop in previous emails. Nicely painted. Sort of light grey. Sometimes two