The Wicker Man.

It looks a bit hot in there so let’s explore some other wickerwork.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Chris Yates, seen here on his creel. He’s tall, but he ain’t heavy.

This was the creel he used for years and years. A Passion For Angling. The Secret Carp. Films & Books. It’s a piece of angling history. Chris didn’t go anywhere without it- Sainsbury’s, Redmire Pool, the chiropodist, the Hants Avon, Paxton & Whitfield (best cheese paste on the planet), Grange-over-Sands, Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Now, if you desire a piece of angling history that ranks alongside Richard Walker’s MK IV, BB’s reel and G.E.M. Skues’ Leonard, you can acquire this fine piece of wickerwork. Park your bum on it, if you’re dainty.

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Other choice items for your consideration.

A spectacular Bernard Venables landing net, a Chris Lythe Spitfire reel, the № 53 Chris Yates Merlin rod, a pair of Barder Rod Co stepped-up Walker MK IVs & a brace of Barder Rod Co 10′ carbon fibre fly rods.

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The cast of A Passion For Angling.

It’s a lovely day. Too early for chalk stream fishing in my opinion (1st of May is soon enough) but if you happen to be on a remote island in the far north, it’s the time for some pagan rituals and a bit of a dance. Just remember though, wicker men are highly flammable and you won’t want any trouble with the Police from the mainland.

Best wishes from Edward, Colin and Lord Alfred