Kennet Perfection.

Kenneth Perfection! Kenneth Williams was a clever, complicated man. A perfect Kenneth, but not quite what I was looking for

Walker’s signature.

Just sign here Walker … In 1952, Jim Bruce Snr sent a rod to Richard Walker for his appraisal. RW

Fibreglass is a contender!

You don’t understand! I coulda had glass I coulda been a contender I could’ve been somebody Instead of a trout

The Tin Of Shame.

The Tin Of Shame. He had a dirty secret, did my old Dad. Founded the Marlborough College Angling Society. Wrote

Are you a Witcher Twitcher?

A Suspicion Of Mr Witcher Reels by artisan Paul Witcher are rare. When one is sighted, Witcher Twitchers gather. And

Ted’s Tackle Tips.

I know, I know, you think the Chris Lythe Aerial reel tastes better with mayonnaise, but this is my top

A Gem to cheer you up.

Oh no man, everything’s really heavy! I used to think Neil from The Young Ones was hilarious. I was pretty

Carp Rods & Flemish Giants

Richard Walker Famous for rods, record carp and the sacred Bomb of Arlesey, right? Well yes, up to a point