In The Pink.

If you’re a grayling, you’ll love pink things, like these nymphs.

However, pink is not a good look on a classic 12′ 3-piece Avon rod. The beautiful example that’s for sale on our website looks liked it’s whipped with pink silk. It’s not. It’s dark red. My camera is next to useless and I’m better at rod making than photography. Click here to view this not pink rod.

Colin’s floats. You know, Colin who I work with. His floats. The rare ones, like these 5.

Colin stopped making these eighteen years ago and this collection was made for his Dad. Please click here for a closer look.

We’ve got some Christmas presents that your loved ones don’t know about yet but will be buying the moment you bring them to their attention. This Avocet, for example:

Click here to see its particulars.

Or how about this incredibly rare and almost ineffably lovely MK IV Avon?

Click here to find out why you simply have to have this rod.

Before I let you go, there one more thing, sort of a stocking filler. I know, we all have our own ideas about what to fill stockings with. I used to favour Raquel Welch’s legs but Father Christmas wasn’t listening.

It’s our 1996 catalogue. The four page price list is inside. It really is hilarious. Yesterday, I read it for the first time in twenty five years. How about this one: A Chris Yates split cane rod would have set you back £435. How about a Bernard Venables landing net? Yours for £200. Or, if you were hard up, you might have winced at Colin’s floats for £1.50 – £3.00 or a Tonkin bamboo float case for £40. If you wanted one of our catapults to fire pound coins into the lake with, you had to hand over £30. If you can cope with all the inflation, click here to read more.

Until next week, mind how you go son, and stay lucky.

Edward and Colin