Kennet Perfection.

Kenneth Perfection!

Kenneth Williams was a clever, complicated man. A perfect Kenneth, but not quite what I was looking for from my Google search. Spelling. It’s not what it used to be is it? Whether you can or you can’t, Spell Checker, predictive text and the rest will have your Kennet in the Kenneth without you noticing.

Here’s a superb vintage Kennet Perfection made by Oliver’s of Knebworth. It’s got pressed nodes and other niceties. Kenneth Williams’ creation Rambling Syd Rumpo, singing to the tune of Widdecombe Fair, mentions nodes:

Reg Pubes, Reg Pubes
Lend me your great Nog,
Rollock me fussett
and grindle me nodes.
For I want to go-o
to Gangerpoke Bog
etc, etc

Click on the image for more information.

And here’s one we made in 2015. I wrote Kenneth Perfection on it. There was no excuse. Had to re-do it.

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Other highlights from my current menu of classic rods, all with grindled nodes, are a mint Chris Yates Merlin, a pair of mint Wallis rods with whole cane butts (cue Rambling Syd Rumpo), an Avocet & a Richard Walker MK IV, both by B. James & Son and a spindle of fine centre pin reels. Click on the images below for more information.

It’s too hot to fish. The news is all bad. I remember the early nineties. We got by. Cheer yourself up with a new rod and reel.

Best wishes from Edward, Colin and Lord Alfred